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about_us_minerMining Consumables was formed by director Nic Stoel who got his start in the industry by supplying OEM grout hose to mining contractors. Experience over time led him into developing a more robust grout hose material for cabolting operations which have been well documented in testing and well received by the end users.  This result has been the inspiration for continued research and development of new materials and products for the mining industry by Mining Consumables.

The mining industry has become the specific focus of supply for Mining Consumables. Improving mine performance and safety is at the top of the list for Mining Consumables.

Mining Consumables goal is to supply the mining industry with a range of quality assured consumable items that offer the end user value for money, exceptional performance, customized to each user’s needs and most importantly creating a safe work environment.

Mining Consumables supply a wide range of mining contractors, mining companies and civil construction companies for their consumable items and are renowned for being a trusted and value adding component to their operations.

Mining Consumables works with a “can do” ethos that guarantees you will be satisfied by our service, communication and quality products.

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