Hardy Friction Bolt (HFB)

Our Mining Consumables Hardi Friction Bolt (HFB) has been specially developed over a number of years in the toughest of mining environments – Australia. Throughout its extensive development, our engineers focused on achieving one major and very import goal. To provide the mining industry with a friction bolt of outstanding performance and integrity at an attractive unit price. We think we’ve succeeded.

High Strength Friction Bolt With a Proven Track Record

Long term studies have shown that the Hardi friction bolt outperforms the industry standard “split set” friction bolt. Over a decade of reliable friction bolt use in Europe have proven to mining companies and mining contractors that this system really does work and outperform other bolts and lower total mining costs.

Benefits of Mining Consumables Friction Bolt

So what are the benefits of using our friction bolt I hear you ask? We’ve identified three key areas that we feel will be of great benefit to you:

  • Controlled water drainage: water can be quickly and effectively drained away through the natural gutter formed by the 'V' section design
  • Ease of welding inspection: retaining ring weld is on the outer face of the Hardi Friction Bolt so weld integrity can be checked readily after installation. This includes plain, galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Low total cost: proven to lower mine maintenance and machinery maintenance costs over time. Pull tests show the Hardi Bolt minimum pull test load range to be between 25 % and 40 % greater than competitors. Quite impressive I’m sure you will agree.
  • More consistent Installs: No “cork screwing.” The Hardi Friction Bolt can still be effectively installed even when bolt is misaligned with hole.

Mining Consumables’ friction bolts are engineered to be high quality and provide excellent performance



Grout Hose

Grout hoses are an essential piece of mining equipment for any mining project – both here in Australia and internationally. We know you want a reliable hose at an economically viable price. That’s why Mining Consumable’s has specially designed, developed and tested our non-OEM grout hose to meet and exceed your mining needs.

Grout Hose - Testing and Performance

Looking for a proven grout hose? Well look no further. Based on comprehensive lab tests and in-cycle operating, we stand-by the quality, reliability and performance of our grout hose. In fact, in burst testing we achieved 800PSI – that’s130PSI higher than OEM grout hoses. Furthermore, this enables our grout hose to achieve the highest safety rating.

In some operations, a single link to our grout hose can remain in service for over three months of heavy bolting. This makes Mining Consumables grout hose the most cost-effective on the market.

Benefits of our non-OEM Grout Hoses

So what does all this testing mean? A better designed product to make grouting easier and more productive. By using our high-quality alternative to OEM grout hose, your mining company can benefit from:

  • Reduced running costs because our hose is more economical to run than OEM
  • Better wear rates over time in cable bolting operations.
  • Standard sized 40mm x 5.5mm hose will suit all leading cable bolting machines (including Sandvic Tamrock, Atlas Copco)
  • Reduced pricing compared to OEM

Grout Hose - Pricing and Supply

Length of grout hose rolls can be customised to specific company or mining job needs. Meterage markings are also available on the hoses to make the cutting of links a simple and easy exercise. Price break points apply for quantity orders of grout hose. Worldwide shipping available.

Mining Consumables alternative to OEM grout hoses are both high quality and designed to withstand the toughest of mining applications - our thorough testing proves it! So contact us today to discuss your grout hosing needs - we’re 100% confident you won’t be disappointed.



Blast Hose

Undergoing Rigorous Blast Hose Testing

Mining Consumables is currently testing its 32 x 3.8mm blast hose. This semi rigid hose is used in non ferrous mines in conjunction with emulsion explosives. Once fully tested and performing to our high standards, it will become available for purchase by mining companies and contractors.


Alternatives to OEM material

Mining Consumables has recently launched its non OEM material grout hose in Australia. The grout hose runs more economically and wears better over time in cable bolting operations.

The standard 40mm x 5.5mm will suit all leading cable bolting machines and the length of hose can be customised.

The Mining Consumables grout hose is a proven alternative for your ground support installation process.

Coming soon!

Mining Consumables’ OEM alternative friction bolt is about to undergo testing at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam. We’re confident this Australian designed friction bolt will pass all tests and will soon be available to local mining companies and contractors.

Also in development is an OEM alternative blast hose and swivel joints. We’ll keep you updated on their progress via our website.

Better Wear

Better Economy

 Better Service